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About CTTE 2006

The 5th Conference of Telecommunication, Media and Internet Techno-Economics is dedicated to economics of new telecommunication
services and technologies. 2006 event is the fifth in a series of
international conferences/workshops, launched in 1997. It is a major
international event for the presentation of original and fundamental
concepts and studies in the field of techno-economics. It also serves as
a forum for communication among researchers and practitioners working in
a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving
techno-economics and advanced telecommunications and services.

Scope of the Conference

Growing interest in techno-economics for services and networks has
given rise to a number of studies to support strategic decision making
by telecommunication operators, service providers, manufacturers, and
regulators. The emergence of 4th generation systems, the fast evolution
of the Internet technologies as well as the convergence of future
networks wireless and fixed force the telecommunication community to
acquire innovating business concepts via a financial and technology

Techno-economics are a decision aid providing managers and
policymakers with early, quantitative information enabling them to
arbitrate among a variety of investment projects. This conference aims
to introduce the key concepts and criteria used by financiers to
evaluate profitability in telecom and information technology market.

The conference focuses on:

  • Techno-economics of
    networks and services

  • Investment analysis

  • Demand for broadband fixed
    and mobile services

  • Optimal pricing strategies

  • New uses of broadband
    applications (wireline/wireless)

This conference is relevant for people at all levels, from managers
and decision makers to component and system researchers, interested in
the economic performance of network architecture in different
situations. The conclusions of this conference workshop will help
establish pertinent recommendations to policymakers, network operators,
and service providers regarding communications investment strategies.


This Conference addresses strategic topics of interest to all actors
in telecommunications such as incumbent and new operators, providers of
services, applications, portals and content, regulators, as well as
equipment manufacturers

Key topics encompass but are not restricted to:

  • Techno-economic
    methodologies and modelling

  • Business Models

  • Demand forecasting and
    tariff modelling

  • Network economics

  • Uncertainty, risk and
    portfolio analysis in investment projects

  • Use of real options in
    investment strategy

  • Business case studies

  • Investment strategies

  • Cost models for regulators

  • OPEX & CAPEX models for

  • New applications and their
    impact on traffic load

  • End user behaviour & usage

  • Pricing strategies for new

  • Regulatory issues in
    convergent networks