CTTE 2010

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9th Conference of Telecommunication, Media
and Internet Techno-Economics (CTTE)

The CTTE2010 conference has finished. A high quality level of techno-economic papers, keynote presentations and workshops was obtained.

The presentations of the keynotes, invited speakers and workshops, as well as a list of the participants and photos taken during the event can be found at http://ibcn.intec.ugent.be/te/CTTE2010/

A “best paper” and “best student paper” award was granted. As for both awards the runner’s ups were close, they all will be considered for publication in Telecommunications Systems Journal.

Best paper

Pricing of reservations for time-limited spectrum leases under overbooking
Maurizio Naldi, Loretta Mastroeni (Università di Roma Tre)

Runner up
Economics of Logarithmic Quality-of-Experience in Communication Networks
Peter Reichl (FTW Vienna), Bruno Tuffin (INRIA Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique), Raimund Schatz (FTW Vienna)

Best student paper

Parking Sensor Network: Economic Feasibility Study of Parking Sensors in a City Environment
Mathieu Tahon, Sofie Verbrugge, Bart Lannoo, Jan Van Ooteghem, Pieter De Mil, Mario Pickavet, Piet Demeester (Ghent University/IBBT)

Runner up
Consumer Perception of Mobile Telephony Tariffs with Cost Caps
Jan Kraemer, Lukas Wiewiorra (KIT)